Raloo Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church
Faith guided by Reason and Conscience

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Rev Dr John Nelson


Prior to the nineteenth century, the people of Raloo had to worship in Larne or Ballycarry.   However, in 1837 funds were raised and a site obtained, in Widow Drummond’s garden in Raloo village, to build a church. The foundations of the current church were cut on Tuesday 2nd January 1838 and the new meeting house opened on 2nd September 1838 by the Rev Dr Henry Montgomery.

The church had a healthy congregation until the famine years, when the membership declined rapidly, leading to a collapse in finances.

Despite these problems, the Raloo congregation has born witness to a long tradition of faith and worship. It bears tribute to the best qualities of Ulster countryfolk, who have maintained this little church, through good times and bad, right up to the present day.